Boom.  You are in!

Keep an eye on your inbox for all the goodies.

Boom.  You are in!

Keep an eye on your inbox for all the goodies.

So, let’s talk webinars.

First of all, despite what some folks out there are saying…webinars are not dead.


Webinars (live and automated) are an incredible tool to sell your online courses, products and programs.

What’s dead is TERRIBLE webinars.

Meaning webinars that…

…offer ZERO value (you know what I’m talking about – no tips, no advice…a whole lotta NOTHING).

…seem to be all over the place with no clear organization or system for presenting the information

…have a super awkward sales pitch.


I’ll let you in on something important: There is a method to webinar madness.

Meaning, there is a proven FORMAT that you should follow for your webinars.

And when you follow that format, good things happen. For example…

1. Folks will love your webinars (whether they purchase or not)

2.  People will buy your courses, products and programs (YAY)

I know this first hand, because when I started doing webinars years ago, I didn’t have a clue what the heck I was doing.

How long should it be?

How much content should I have in there?

Should I share some stories about myself or is that a waste of time?

How do I know if I’m teaching TOO much or NOT ENOUGH?

How do I sell my course without sounding like a jerkface?

I literally had no idea. I just kind of made it up as I went. That was a bad plan.

I’d forgotten one of the keys to success: Find someone who has gone before you who knows what they are doing and have them teach you the best way to do it vs wasting tons of time (and sometimes money) to figure it out on your own.

Lucky for me my webinar mentor, Irishman John Richardson, came into my life at the perfect time.

John taught me EXACTLY how to format my webinars (meaning my presentation) so that it educated, inspired, entertained AND sold…without being “salesy” or super awkward.

Ever since, I’ve used this exact format for all my webinars that has resulted directly in millions of dollars in sales (over 6 million from webinars alone) and John and I have taught it to hundreds of others.

In this free email series I’m going to break down the 7 steps of a successful webinar presentation.

Look for one email each day for the next 7-ish days with a key aspect of the webinar presentation.

At the end of the day, the key to a successful webinar is ALL about the presentation.

Repeat after me: “Presentation, presentation, presentation!”

Look for Step #1 tomorrow.