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During this free webinar you will learn...

  • The seven critical words you must have in a webinar. Without these seven words you're cutting your chances of success in half... and we'll prove it to you. 
  • How this simple webinar process can remove your "Fear Of Selling" and help you shift seamlessly from providing great value to converting attendees to sales. 
  • How to use webinars to create an easy six figure income - even if you don't have a product yet
  • The (slightly shocking and weird) process John used to create a net $150,000 a year business – with recorded webinars as the cornerstone… with less than one hour of work per month and a monthly virtual assistant bill of less than $30.
  • Why webinars are currently the single most effective way to turn leads into buying customers AND improve your reputation (and goodwill) in your marketplace at the same time.
  • How webinars can help you shift from the “boom and bust” of product launches to create reliable, predictable monthly income.


The Story Behind the Webinar

So, I was planning a big webinar that would teach about creating online courses and, of course, at the end sell my Create Awesome Online Courses.

All normal in the day of a mediapreneur, right?

Anyway...a strange thing happened 48 hours before the webinar. 

A new buddy of mine (who I met through a mutual friend), John Richardson, contacted me pretty much out of the blue. Here is how the convo went:

(picture a funny Irish accent when John is talking below)

John: “David, mate. It’s John. You have a webinar in 48 hours, right?”

David: “Um, yah.”

John: “Great! How do your webinars normally do? Do you make lots of sales?”

David: “Well, honestly...it can be hit or miss. Sometimes a lot of sales. Sometimes not so much. I do always get good feedback (people loving the content) but sometimes that doesn’t translate to sales. I feel as though I occasionally give too much away and not sure how strong my pitch is.”

John: “Ahhhhhh! I totally get it. I used to have the same issues. Inconsistency, giving too much away, not sure if I was going to make sales. But, I learned a format that WORKS. Not only will the audience love the free content and get great training, but they will also buy (many, many, more).”

David: “Yah, that does sounds similar situation.”

John: “And the crazy thing is this format of doing your webinars is definitely replicable. I’ve used it for all kinds of stuff from golf training to a coffee shop training product. One of my webinars make 6 figures on autopilot. I can show you how to do it.”

David: “Like...now? I have the freakin’ webinar in 48 hours!”

John: Yes, now. C’mon let’s do it. It will work.”

So, then John, on the spot, taught me exactly what to do. We are talking STEP BY FREAKIN' STEP here. He showed me his webinar that makes the most sales and exactly why it makes so much bling and how I could copy the format. 

And, like a crazy person, I redid my presentation (48 hours before, hah) and followed along exactly what he taught me. 

Even though, honestly, I was skeptical on some of it but I followed every word of what he said. (just goes to show you...trust the teacher).

Guess what happened?

 My sales DOUBLED (actually almost freakin’ tripled) from my previous webinars. I ended up selling $38,336 worth of programs on a small webinar. 

Then I put it to use again recently and brought in an additional $121,724.00.

Yes, seriously. 

Because I couldn’t keep this to myself and I have a big mouth, I taught some of John’s strategies he taught me at a Mastermind I was at recently in California.

James Wedmore (y’all know him, right?) did exactly what I did and re-wrote his presentation he was giving THE NEXT DAY (made my 48 hours look like amateur hour).

And then I got this text from him:

“Duddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it totally worked. My webinar conversion % went from 6.1% to to 13.2! Over double. Thanks so much!!!"

In a nutshell, James sold way more stuff, too :)

Well guess what my friends. I nabbed John. Who is not-so-easy to nab. And he and I are hosting a free upcoming webinar to teach you all this good stuff regardless if you have NEVER done a webinar before, you are a seasoned pro looking to improve or somewhere in between 

John is going to be teaching his step-by-step system and It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Register below and you will be off to the races (and by races, I mean the webinar).


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